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Lauren and Caleb

"Deanne is such a talented dancer and instructor! She makes you feel comfortable even if you have never danced a day in your life. My husband and I always looked forward to our lessons with her and had so much fun during the entire process. We were beyond impressed with her professionalism and ability to make us look like we knew what we were doing! We were showered with endless compliments after our first dance, even our parents were in disbelief. Thank you Deanne!"

Tara and Chris

"As our 11 year wedding anniversary is soon approaching I find myself thinking back to our special day and the many wonderful moments that made it perfect. One of my most treasured memories is taking dance lessons with my soon to be husband. Deanne was an amazing teacher and she gave us the confidence we needed to make our dance look smooth, like we had been practicing for years!”

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Liz and Mitch

"Deanne made us feel comfortable from the moment we walked in the door, despite having no dance experience.  Our family and friends were amazed!  Our first dance will always be the highlight of our wedding day. "

Amber and Luke

We got dance lessons from a friend for a pre-wedding gift, and used them to prepare our first dance.  It was a hit!  The process was great, intimate and something we will both remember for the rest of our lives! Thanks Deanne!!!!

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